Author: Aunty Mib
Title:  The Coming
Fandom:  Animorphs TV
Pairing:  Jake/Marco
Archive:  RareSlash.  Anyone else please ask.
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Disclaimer:  K.A. Applegate and Scholastic Inc. are the official
voices of the anti-Yeerk Resistance movement.  This is completely
unauthorized and will not make a penny.
Warnings:  Does it make sense that if people were old enough to have
sex that it would be legal to talk about?  Unfortunately the
governments don't agree.  I don't speak Spanish so I had a friend
translate the phrases.


My name is Marco.  And all of us are in trouble.

You don't even know that we're fighting a war against Aliens.  Not
bug-eyed green skinned men from Mars, that would be easy.

The soldiers for the other side could be your parents, your
significant other, the grocery cashier at the local corner store or
your city's Chief of Police.  It could even be you.

You see one side of the war are this parasitic slugs that call
themselves 'Yeerks'.  They can crawl through your ear and 'Presto
Kazamm!' you aren't you anymore, you're now a Controller.

And you'll laugh when you hear this.  The entire Earth Resistance
consists of 6 teenagers.  That's it.

Of course we will lose without any help.  We have a couple of things
on our side:  some of the Yeerks would rather be symbiotes and are
mounting a Revolutionary group within the Yeerk army, some of the
slaves have broken free and there is a culture of pacifist robots who
spy for us.

And by the way, the six of us can Morph.  We see an animal, one
touch-the animal goes into a trance- we can take the animal's shape.  No


Well, we have a time limit.  Two hours in Morph and we don't change
back.  One of my best friends is now a hawk.

I really need to take a break.

And that was why I'm lying naked next to a girl called Natasha.
Natasha was the cutest girl in school.  She had long curly black hair,
the cutest little snub nose and a great pair of tits.

Her body was lying beside me, completely nude, and I couldn't manage
to do anything about.

That's right!  Me Marco, superstud, can't get it up for this gorgeous
chick.  I felt real wonky, man.

So, I had to say out loud, "Hey, this just ain't working."

'Natasha' rolled over to face me.  Her magnificent tits deflated like
balloons and 'her' chest muscled up.  What Health class called 'the
Labia major and minor' zipped up like a jacket then bulged out as the
two ovaries migrated down and became 'nads'.  And her clitoris swelled
out and out.

I averted my eyes and stared into the face.  Her eyes brightened from
deep brown to the blue of faded denim.  Her long black hair got sucked
up into her head like that 'make-up doll'.  (Not that I ever played with
dolls, mind you.  But I got cousins.)  In a couple of seconds, Jake
formed out of Natasha's features.

And the jerk was smirking at me.

Like Jake has been my friend for ever.  He more or less has become the
leader of the Animorphs.  And I don't have any idea how he talked me
into this 'experiment'.

Well, maybe the chance of having sex with the cutest girl in school
might have something to do with it.

Hey, we're guys.  Sports, video games, skipping classes and
fantasizing about the girls are supposed to be the limit of our
thought processes.

Jake said, "You couldn't get it up for her, eh Buddy?  Nah-nah n-nah

"Real mature of you, Jake."

"You don't seem to be having any problems now."

'SHIT!'  This is embarrassing.  I grab a pillow and hide my crotch.

"Listen Man.  I don't have the vaguest idea why..."

Jake said, "Can you spell 'Duh?'"

Then the jerk rolled over and kissed me.  ON THE LIPS!!

My head spun and I felt as if the bed dropped away from under me.

I stared up into Jake's eyes and they changed again.  From squinty
little blue things to big, brown lustrous eyes.  His freckles darkened
and flowed over his skin.  His little snout of a nose went all 'noble'.

He changed into a being of utter splendor and beauty.

And he was.  Jake was now Marco.  And I looked G O O D!

"Que tal, chiflado?  Tu eras una berge grande."

"Cute Jake.  I don't speak Spanish 'cept with la familia.  I'm pretty
sure I wouldn't ever use that with MY folks."

Jake ignored me, like always and ran his hands over my chest.  OK, I
had a pretty good idea of what felt good so I reached up and pinched
my nipples, his nipples, I mean.  Oh! whatever.

The pillow hit the floor.  I'm sure that it was Jake who threw it off
but I had the image that it was my dick twitching major.  I grabbed
the beautiful thick black hair and forced him onto my dick.  Like, he
put up a lot of resistance.  Right!

I could see my own face hovering over my crotch.  My tongue stuck out
and licked the head of my dick.  I damn near popped then and there.
It looked so great.

I had always wanted to know what it would be like if I could give my
self a blow job.  I would spit into my hands and stroke myself.  I
would taste my own cum afterward.  Hell, there weren't anything queer
about enjoying your own body was there?

So, I said out loud for Jake to hear.

"Hey, it looks just like I'm sucking away on my own cock.  Suck, suck,
suck.  But it's weird 'cause no matter how hard I suck I still can't
taste my own dick.  'N I can keep on talkin' n' talkin' since there
really ain't a ..."

Jake caught the less than subtle hint.  He sat on my chest and shoved
my big fat dick into my mouth.

"La chorizon, mas delicioso."

Jake, I'm gonna hafta teach you some real Spanish.  You sound like a
badly dubbed porn movie.

After a couple of minutes, he rolled off me.  I admired the beauty of
my own body:  that incredibly cute face, the muscles, the two jutting
nipples, the perfect proportions and the dick of death.  Like the
Andalites think that their tail weapons are impressive.  They really
got to see my dick sometime.  That dark thick slab of uncut meat.

I got on top and held both of my dicks in my hands.  Hell, I need two
hands for just one of them.  It's like I had been practicing for years
for just this moment.

I guess I could call it that.

So, I used each and every chokin' the chicken technique I had ever
tried.  It was so hot watching me sweatin' and squirmin' enjoying the
pleasure I was giving myself.  I could tell from the gasps and groans
that Jake-in-Marco was about to spurt and so I kissed those beautiful
full lips as we shot together.

Man, the white cum over that chocolate milkshake body was so fucking

We kissed a bit longer.  Then Jake reverted back.  Two inches of the
dick got sucked back into the body to give him an extra three inches
in height.  (I think HE got the raw end of the deal.)

When he had finished morphing he looked a bit weird, all guilty-like.  I
broke the ice a bit.

"Hey man, how's it feel to be all ugly again?"

"Fuck you, Marco!"

"With that little thing I don't think so!"

I figured out what the hell was making Jake so uncomfortable.  It's
like this, when he get hurt in morph we don't carry over the physical
changes when we revert.  I should have guessed that when we got laid
in morph we would still be horny as hell.

Plus, we had sort of been playing around.  I had sort of pretended to
be jerking off and I guess Jake had sort of been acting like that
wasn't him.

I wasn't sure I was ready to go there, quite yet.

"Jake, remember when you had that Yeerk in your head and we had to
cover for you for three days?"


I morphed into Jake.  And boy, was Jake horny.

"Your brother told me to go 'Fuck Myself'. Wanna?"

And Jake shared an evil grin with Jake.
                   The End